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Services is a National Approved Provider of Home Care under the Aged Care Quality and Safety Act 2018 (the Act). We have a team of trained, passionate and dedicated staff who speaks your language and understands the needs of people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds. WeCare Wellness aims to make a positive impact on our community through a strong connected network of service providers.


● National Approved Home Care Provider Qualification;

● Professional team and capability to provide guidance and support, e.g. OT, PT and CNC in different speciality: incontinence assessment, complex wound assessment and management, DM management etc. and University and specialist/professor connection;

● Training Facility and capability to provide training to ensure quality service, e.g. compulsory training and regular knowledge and policy/procedure update;

● Client management system and capability to provide system support and assistance, e.g. assist with job booking, staff information entry, incident record, note checking etc.;

● Comprehensive policy and procedure, subcontractor experience and operation manual, total understand subcontractor is need, able to provide 24/7 support for trouble shooting.


● Professional Support and Assistance

● Access to Client Management system

● Initial and Ongoing staff training and support ensures best practice and continued compliance, including annual mandatory training and staff qualification register and monitor;

● Details and systematic operational policy and procedure, manuals and associated resources.

● Client Care management: Initial and Ongoing care assessment (Level upgrade), sign home care agreement and care plan with client/family or representatives, ensure client care and services are culturally safe while identifying and addressing risks to safety, health and wellbeing;

● Client Package management: Assist with establishing and managing home care budgets, process invoices claim and provide monthly statement;

● Assistance with Service Referral.

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