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Aged Care


Provides high quality aged care services to the community through Home care Package (HCP) or Private Fee for Services. We support older people with all levels of care needs from entry level to high level, enabling the continuity of care and nurturing relationships between the consumers, their family and WeCare Wellness staff.


Provide service to assist clients to actively participate in community activities such as attending church services, going to library, attending appointments, and other social activities.


Provide service to assist client with eating and drinking, putting on or taking off clothing, showering, washing the body, brushing teeth, shaving, toileting or continence, moving from one place to another, including moving to and from the bed, moving to and from the seat, and moving around places, getting up and moving from the bed etc.


Provide service to assist client with cleaning, dishwashing, clothes washing, fresh linen and ironing, cleaning and tidying up the house, shopping, and preparing meals etc.


Day Care Center provides day care services for the elderly to improve elderly is life quality and as such caregiver can receive a very well deserved break. We provide counselling and support to help elderly overcome emotional and psychological problems by structured group activities such as various interest groups, health and exercise classes and health talks, cultural and leisure activities, e.g. singing, dancing, mahjong, chess, music and calligraphy. Meal and transportation services are all included to promote friendships and connections with peers of similar ages and with similar interests.


Provide service to assist you to build capacity and provide you the skills you need to understand, implement and maximise your plan. A case manager will work with you to ensure a mix of supports are used to increase your capacity to maintain relationships, manage service delivery tasks, live more independently and be included in your community.


Provides in home respite services from 2 hours to overnight according to client needs, include but not limit to: Domestic duties, Companionship, Personal care and grooming, Shopping and meal preparation, Overnight care including medication management, turning and toileting etc. and as such family carers receive a very well deserved break knowing that their loved one is having an enjoyable and engaging time with a qualified support worker in or outside of their own home.


WeCare Wellness provides various clinical services by RNs/ENs to meet client is health need, which includes but not limit to:

• Medications Management;

• Wound Assessment and Care;

• Skin Assessment and Pressure Injury Prevention;

• Catheter and Stoma care;

• Bowel care;

• Oral and Dental care;

• Diabetic Care and S/C Injections;

• Pain Assessment and Management;

• Enteral Feeding;

• Palliative Care

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