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What can help


If you have a child with a disability, the changes will significantly enhance the quality of life you envisage for them. They will grow up without the barriers to a full life that they may have otherwise experienced.

For adults, the changes will empower people to make your own choices, live your life and define your future.

To be eligible for funded supports, you must:

● Have a significant and permanent disability

● Meet age and residential requirements

● Meet either the disability or early intervention requirements

WeCare Wellness Disability Support can work with you, to make the application and transition process to the NDIS as simple as possible.

We provide support to

● People with an NDIS funding package

● People who are yet to transition to NDIS funding, but who are able to access other funded disability support services

● People who are interested in purchasing our services on a fee for service basis/span>


WeCare Wellness is committed to and will abide by the NDIS Commission requirements to provide safe and quality service to people with disabilities living in their own homes or in the community. The services are registered as:

Accommodation/Tenancy Assist Access/Maintain Employ Assist High Intensity Personal Activities Assist Personal Activities

Assist Travel/Transport Community Nursing Care Daily Task/Shared Living Innov Community Participation

Development-Life Skills Household Tasks Participate Community Group/Center Activities

Plan Management Support Coordination